Daz 3D to Drop NFT Collection Promoting Hope and Positivity in Difficult Times

Scaredy Cubits Genesis, a collection of 500 unique PFPs, was created in collaboration with 3D artist, Misoo, and will be a featured collection on Coinbase NFT.

Daz 3D and 3D artist, Misoo, have collaborated to release a collection of 500 unique PFP NFTs created during a difficult time for Misoo. Scaredy Cubits Genesis tells a story of hope among challenges, especially scary ones. The collection will drop as a featured collection in collaboration with Coinbase NFT on Friday, July 29, 2022, on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Scaredy Cubits are a small but mighty (and fun) collective. They might be scared to bits about this new world they’ve found themselves in, but that won’t stop them from facing their fears. These little guys know how to confront the things that intimidate them, and even laugh about them, and that’s what they’re here to share with all of us! Sometimes things get scary – especially when you’re a little cubit – but each new fear is another opportunity for adventurous growth and something to smile about the next day. 

From humans to orcs, elves, cyborgs, and more, you’ll find the Cubits equally adorable and diverse. With over 180 accessories across 17 traits, Scaredy Cubits Genesis was handcrafted without any algorithmic assistance. That’s rare in the PFP market. 

Every Scaredy Cubit is unique, yet they all have one thing in common: they’re scared to bits and not afraid to show it. They all share the same adorable, ironic, terrified expression! 

When artist Misoo developed tinnitus, he found himself isolated and experiencing depression and anxiety. Through a lot of work, Misoo was able to overcome his difficulties and now lives more positively with his tinnitus. In response to overcoming a painful part of his life, Misoo created this collection of scared, yet strong, little characters who find hope in difficult situations. Daz 3D and Misoo want to inspire people through the story of Scaredy Cubits Genesis, showing them that they are not alone in difficult times, and that there is always hope.

“Misoo’s art has impressed me for a while, his sense of composition, detail, and overall presentation is among the best of our creators,” said Ty Duperron, chief product officer of Daz 3D.  When we put out a call to our creators for NFT artwork, he presented us with this project and we instantly fell in love. Everyone has been dealing with some mental fatigue or fears during the last few years and capturing that in these playful and fun – and hopeful – little characters felt really fitting. You can’t help but smile when you look at them.”

“I’ve been able to use healing to inspire my art in this collection, and that really shines through with each of these Cubits,” said Misoo. “Community is such a vital part of the NFT space, and the best communities support each other through real-life challenges, though they may only know each other in digital environments. Scaredy Cubits Genesis creates a space for holders to find they are not alone and that we will get through challenges together. The art is just the beginning, and the roadmap and message of this collection is going to give value to holders beyond the PFPs, and hopefully inspire them as this collection inspired me.”

Find the Scaredy Cubits Genesis collection on Coinbase NFT dropping Friday, July 29, 2022. Learn more at the Scaredy Cubits Genesis website. And join the community on Twitter and Discord.

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