Daz 3D Partners With Sinespace

As Forbes just reported, Daz 3D is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Sinespace, a free-to-play online virtual world! For the first time ever, gamers can “try on” Daz 3D characters and accessories, customize them, use them as avatars to play games and socialize with other Sinesplace players — and, of course, take and share great screenshots in hundreds of wildly varied locations.

The Smooth Talker Complete Bundle features the best-dressed in Sinespace
The Smooth Talker Complete Bundle features the best-dressed in Sinespace
So what’s Sinespace?

Sinespace is a massively multi-creator social world platform for everybody — from gamers who want to play, socialize, and create, to independent developers and organizations. Sinespace hopes to build the virtual world of the future, with unparalleled graphics and the ultimate goal of accessibility for everyone.

Where does Daz come in?

Developers at Sinespace have carefully converted Daz 3D models to optimize our high poly count models for use in Sinespace’s multiplayer game space and allow Daz Originals to be used as standard Sinespace avatars. Soon, more than Daz Originals may be featured in Sinespace’s store.

What do people like the most about Sinespace?


Like Daz Studio, Sinespace is totally free to use and gives players a method to develop and share their own content while simultaneously offering developers a safe platform for selling content to players. Also like Daz 3D, playing and creating in Sinespace is intuitive and fun, as tens of thousands of monthly Sinespace users attest to.
Daz 3D is particularly excited to partner with the Sinespace community because Sinespace takes serious efforts to protect the IP rights of individual creators. It’s a rare Virtual World where players and users can have confidence that they are buying official works from hardworking, creative artists.

SInespace even offers Daz Makeups!
SInespace even offers Daz Makeups!
How can I get started/learn more?

For a free download and more details, go to https://sine.space/, and to see new Daz 3D content in Sinespace’s store go to https://sine.space/shop/author/2355883/Daz+Originals/0/ !
Got questions about getting started and using your Daz content in Sinespace? Join their official Discord and ask away.

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