Daz 3D Partners with 3D.sk to Bring New Tools to 3D Artists

Daz 3D partners with 3D.sk

Daz 3D has announced a partnership with 3D.sk, a massive online catalog of photo references for 3D artists and game developers.

For many years Daz 3D has leveraged 3D.sk reference photos as an invaluable resource in building realistic skin textures for the creation of a number of Daz characters. The hyper-realism achievable using 3D.sk reference photos and textures is widely recognized within the 3D industry, and many notable studios including Ubisoft, Bandai Namco, CD Projekt Red and more choose their resources to enhance their own pipelines.

“We are really excited about partnering with 3D.sk,” said Ty Duperron, COO of Daz 3D. “I remember back when I was first in film school learning to be a 3D artist, we all used fineart.sk for reference, which evolved into 3D.sk. They are a real OG of the space, empowering artists by providing diverse body types, ages, and races for unparalleled anatomy and posing references designed specifically for artists. Our artists at Daz frequently go to 3D.sk for great detailed figure and skin references, posing, movement, and more.”

In an effort to reward Daz users and elevate the capabilities of Daz artists, Daz 3D will be partnering with 3D.sk to offer an exclusive discount on all 3D.sk reference photos, textures, and 3D tools. This includes high fidelity male and female reference photos, wardrobe photos, animal photos, premade face textures, 3D scans, and more.

“This is a great opportunity for 3D artists to expand their tool belt,” said Richard Polak CEO of 3D.sk. “We’re thrilled to begin working more closely with Daz 3D and look forward to seeing how the Daz community uses the 3D.sk library of images to enhance their 3D artwork.”

In the coming weeks around this special offering, Daz will be releasing original content focused on educating Daz users on how they can make the most out of the professional-grade tools available via 3D.sk. Starting today, Daz 3D customers can enjoy 15% off their first 3D.sk purchase by using the discount code below during checkout.

Code: DAZ&3Dsk


Visit the 3D.sk store today and save on some of the best artist references around.

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