Daz 3D Enables Artists to Make Their Own Grimes Music Video

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, April 20, 2020 — Daz 3D, a renowned 3D character software suite and digital marketplace, launched a Grimes + Daz Art Kit that provides Daz users and Grimes fans a free way to create their own Grimes Music Video.

Earlier this month, Grimes, an award-winning musical and visual artist, released a Quarantine Art Kit allowing her fans to learn a new skill while creating digital fan art, leveraging premium green screen footage, lyrics, cover art, and audio stems from her most recent music video “You’ll Miss Me When I’m Not Around.” This release is an unprecedented offering for a public figure, allowing her fans to use her likeness to create their own Grimes music video.

Grimes began collaborating with Daz 3D in 2019 to create her avatar, WarNymph, using Daz’s CharacterKit. After the release of Grimes’ Quarantine Art Kit, Daz 3D began working to create products and tutorials to compliment the kit. This required Daz’s creative team to figure out how to bring the 2D Grimes footage from the kit into Daz Studio’s 3D software.

To simplify the creative process for users, Daz 3D pre-keyed the Grimes shots and created and then converted camera tracks for Daz Studio so any user can easily create their own music video. Daz 3D is also providing Grimes fans and Daz users with free and discounted 3D assets as well as a tutorial video so users can create their own 3D camera-tracked shots.

Chief Marketing Officer Berkley Frei said, “The effort was worth it to show the 3D community the capabilities of Daz and the CharacterKit, while also giving existing Daz users a new way to engage with the platform.”

Taking on this time-intensive project and providing free products serves Daz 3D’s mission to easily enable creativity.

For more information on the Daz 3D collaboration with Grimes visit, https://www.daz3d.com/grimes-art-bundle

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Stephanie O’Farrell, Director of Marketing

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