Daz 3D Drops Spacebots, a Free-to-Mint NFT Collection Celebrating International NFT Day

Spacebots NFT Day Feature

Today, we are thrilled to introduce Spacebots, the free-to-mint NFT collection from Daz 3D, and founders Tory Bryant, Ash Cooper Kerns, and Gabe Bryant, celebrating International NFT Day on September 20. Spacebots is a collection of out-of-this-world art that promotes inclusivity and positivity through a stunning series of alien NFT PFPs and a community that knows an eclectic, inclusive world is the norm, not an anomaly.

From first-time NFT minters to seasoned collectors, Spacebots is an opportunity for anyone interested in NFTs to own a unique piece of art from award-winning artists. 

Transcend Your Mortal Beings, Humans!

Spacebots were born of a legacy and lineage of an inclusive universe where every individual’s power was critical to the species’ future. Yet, over thousands of years, Spacebots have learned little about the group of heroes who banded together to ensure this future by fighting an evil power without equal called “Oothixo.” To battle Oothixo and protect the Blue Star, these heroes set off into the cosmos searching for help and knowledge. They would begin their journey of exploration and discovery out of necessity and finish as Legends.

No one truly knows what happened to the Legends. In order to win this battle, historians have concluded that the Legends must have found a way to unite their powers for the greater good and give everything so their tribes would survive and thrive for many generations to come.

Now, as the Blue Star inexplicably begins to show signs of decay and dying, Spacebots are fearful of extinction and the future of their children. Only through unraveling and understanding how the Legends were able to unite will SpaceBots be able to survive and thrive, or suffer and falter.

One-of-a-Kind NFTs

This collection of 9,888 free-to-mint NFTs comprises unique PFPs with singular, stellar traits from brains to masks, backgrounds to eyes, skin color to body shape! As a free mint celebrating International NFT Day with Coinbase NFT, Spacebots provides an exceptional opportunity for anyone to get involved in NFTs. Founders Tory Bryant, Ash Cooper Kerns, and Gabe Bryant created every trait with love and attention over the past year, and that attention truly shows in the beautiful works that make up Spacebots.

NFT Day is for Everyone

International NFT Day celebrates the launch on September 20, 2017, of the NFT standard ERC-721 by Dapper Labs CTO, Dete Shirley. On that day, Shirley coined the term “non-fungible token.” Since then, NFTs have taken on a life of their own, with passionate communities forming around everything from sports to art to the most innovative ideas. Daz 3D is proud to celebrate International NFT Day with Coinbase NFT and everyone looking for a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

To mint a Spacebots NFT, visit the Coinbase NFT drop page. And make sure to join the community on Twitter and Discord.

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