Daz 3D and the Institute of Digital Fashion Launch Digital Double for Pride

a closeup of Daz 3D's newest non-binary character, catty 8.1

Driving the initiative for digital diversity, Daz 3D and the Institute of Digital Fashion (IoDF) released a non-binary and photorealistic digital double, Catty 8.1. This character is so unbelievably lifelike, from their general appearance down to their skin textures. This realism is crucial to creating 3D worlds populated with diverse people!

Queer team members developed this character to represent queer voices and represent them in the digital sphere. Catty 8.1 was released on June 28 for Pride and to mark the anniversary of the Stonewall riots in New York City. You can find them in the Daz 3D marketplace, along with bundles, poses, and outfits designed specifically for Catty 8.1!

About Catty 8.1 

Catty 8.1 is a gender-nonconforming digital double of IoDF’s Creative Director and Co-Founder, Cattytay (she/they). Talented Daz creators sculpted and artistically realized the character, but IoDF heavily collaborated on the concepts and creative direction so that we could authentically note the subtle codes of the queer universe in this release. 

The Catty 8.1 Inclusive Digital Realities Bundle and the Catty 8.1 Gender Fluid Pride Fashion Bundle feature queer fashion at pivotal moments throughout modern LGBTQ+ history with references ranging from club culture to picket lines. They also include hairstyles, facial hair, poses, and more that capture the modern queer experience. Whatever kind of 3D world you want to create, Catty 8.1 is another Daz character that will allow you to represent those who are commonly underrepresented in our world.

Committing to Digital Diversity

In taking this step toward greater diversity and representation digitally, we want you to hear from some of us at Daz directly. Matt Wilburn (he/him), President of Tafi and Daz 3D, said that “we didn’t want to keep iterating on the quality of our figures without properly representing people from all communities.” Breanna Kilpack (they/them), Production Coordinator at Daz 3D, added that “if we ask the important questions around representation at the start, we can spend more time inventing limitless realities.”

We couldn’t agree more! Daz works with talented 3D artists from around the globe, and all the greatest technological advancements won’t create true-to-life 3D art if every person isn’t represented. 

Both Co-Founders of IoDF, Cattytay and Leanne Elliott, expressed the importance of this character release, especially during Pride, and using our voices and influence to spark change. We encourage everyone to use their voices to support inclusion in all spaces, in 3D art and beyond. We are grateful for our partnership with IoDF and their creative vision and input that helped us create the stunningly realistic Catty 8.1 and their corresponding bundles.

Our Partnership with the Institute of Digital Fashion

Together, Daz 3D and IoDF are seeking to activate change and propel digital diversity to ensure that all underrepresented communities in the physical world are not left behind in the digital world. Cattytay’s digital double is the first release between Daz 3D and IoDF, and you can expect more in the future! We will both work to champion digital representation within 3D content, fashion, and the larger expansion of the metaverse.

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