Daz 3D and Tafi Content Arrives in the Unity Asset Store

a woman in ornate clothing holds a skull

Tafi has worked together with Unity to bring Daz 3D content to the Unity Asset Store!

The first batch of Daz Content to reach the Unity Asset Store begins with a host of Daz 3D characters, like the ever-popular Ms. Rin, Kala, and Sukai, sci-fi creatures extraordinaire, and gentlemen like Holt, Lee, and Silas. This unique conversion takes Daz 3D characters, outfits, and hair and converts their rigging and full materials, so they’re ready to drop into apps, games, and any other 3D project that Unity users might be working on.

a collage of Daz 3D characters: Silas, Sukai, and Holt

Daz 3D and Tafi Offer a Solution

Unity is an incredibly popular 3D platform and engine that multiple global industries, from apps and game studios to auto manufacturers, use. In fact, the products they create or operate with Unity reach a total of over 2 billion monthly active-end users!

As popular as Unity is, game designers and developers have noted a particular lack of high-quality 3D characters that ship completely rigged, converted, and ready for their needs. That’s where Daz 3D comes in. Daz assets available on the Unity Asset Store will give users and developers 2-click solutions to their need for dynamic characters that both look amazing and really work.

The first Daz content offered in the Unity Asset Store is character-based, including themed Daz Character bundles developed exclusively for Unity. Then, a multitude of other items, including environments, props, accessories, and more will follow the first 200 Daz 3D assets in 2021. These thousands of assets will all be delivered with the high detail and functionality that Daz is known for, all streamlined for the Unity workflow.

Tafi is excited to continue to find new avenues for our high-quality content and make sure that all 3D creators have access to the most advanced character system available, no matter where or why they create.

Browse Tafi items in the Unity Asset Store here.

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