Create Your Own Grimes Music Video with Daz

Grimes’ Avatar WarNymph = #MadeWithDaz

In February 2020, Grimes released her album Miss Anthropocene with the visual and artistic support of WarNymph, an Avatar made with Daz Studio. Understanding the potential for representing herself digitally, Grimes began collaborating with Daz 3D in 2019 to create WarNymph, her digital double, both a visual representation of her album and one of her digital personalities.

Create Your Own Grimes Music Video with Daz

To enable her community to learn new skills and create their very own Grimes music video, Grimes released the Quarantine Art Kit, which provides fans with “Miss Anthropocene” premium green screen footage, audio stems, lyrics and cover art.

Don’t miss out on this awesome & free Kit!

And to further help artists make an awesome Grimes video while learning new 3D art skills, Daz has created specially curated free and premium bundles that include 3D assets, camera tracking files, and pre-keyed files.

Don’t worry — we did all the heavy lifting (like using specialized software to track individual shots and converting those Camera Tracks into a format that works natively in Daz). We also made tutorials for these new tools so you can make your own beautiful Grimes music video with ease.

Check out the Daz Free and Premium Bundles here.


Video Tutorials for Your Grimes Music Video & Art

Whether you’re new to Daz and want to make your own Grimes video, or just new to our specialized camera tracking and pre-keyed files, we’ve made step-by-step tutorials on how to use these tools so you can start making your own art now.

Check out these Tutorials from the pros and learn some new 3D skills!


Don’t Forget to Share

Once you’ve created your incredible art, share it with Grimes and Daz in the Daz Gallery (link) and on social:

  1. Upload your version to YouTube with “You’ll Miss Me When I’m Not Around” in the title and include #GrimesArtKit and #Daz3D in the description
  2. Share your video on Twitter and include @Grimezsz, @Daz3d and #GrimesArtKit, and #MadeWithDaz
  3. Share your video on Instagram by tagging @Grimes, @Insta_Daz and include #GrimesArtKit and #MadeWithDaz

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