5 Reasons Fantasy Art is Amazing (-ly fun to create)

Whether because of dragons, wizards, epic battle scenes or the idea of magic, Fantasy art has a rare power to capture human attention.



The Fantasy genre has a solid historical background — Roman and Greek myth, Asian dragon/magical imagery and European Renaissance art all contain ingredients that were combined to make modern-day Fantasy.



Fantasy art is awesome, and awesome to make, but if a dragon’s body/wing angles (and thousands of scales) are a little too difficult to draw, Daz 3D is here to help.  Daz has tons of Fantasy items to help you make your amazing Fantasy art and a gallery that’s filled with deliciously fantastical images for extra inspiration:



So why is Fantasy Art so Amazing (-ly fun to create)?


    1. Fantasy = StorytellingSomething about Fantasy, magic, and the supernatural captivates people, and Fantasy and supernatural elements have inspired art, literature and the oral tradition since their beginnings.

      Storytelling comes naturally with the Fantasy genre, where dark forests and dank dungeons hold deep and ancient secrets. The genre is laden with symbolism, and other-worldly beings have strange powers that supercharge artwork with extra tension and excitement. In Fantasy art, sirens sing sailors to their death on the rocks, human-animal hybrids turn out to be strange protagonists, and dragons , protect hoards of precious treasure.


      Sometimes, precious treasure even grows from the dragon’s body…


    2. Dwarves, Elves, Dragons & OrcsFun, fearsome, and magical ‘stock characters’ populate Fantasy stories, worlds, pictures and paintings. Of course, there are tons of Fantasy genre stock characters: centaurs, witches and wizards, goblins, trolls, ogres, shapeshifters, fairies, pixies, winged horses (and folks), merpeople, and, many more.

      If you’re a real Fantasy fanatic, that’s a collection of characters that takes a loooong time to build up, especially if you’re picky about what you like in your Daz Library. Daz 3D is into Fantasy art too (surprise), which is why we’ve created a Staff Picks Fantasy Mega Bundle to get you started. This bundle includes dragons, succubi, sorcerers/esses, orcs, goblins, winged people, centaurs and ready-made fantasy environments so you can make your own 3D Fantasy artwork.


      You can also get it for up to 76% off right now, so it might be a good time to snap it up… [65% without Platinum Club+]


  1. Heightened DramaIf popular movies about young wizards and cursed rings have taught us anything, it’s that people love the heightened drama that the Fantasy Genre affords. Everyday life just lacks a certain sort of ‘magic’ that Fantasy allows (or, you know, encourages).

    How can you take advantage of the accelerated drama in your Fantasy artwork? Take a regular object from plain to cursed, enchanted or powerful with Daz 3D’s astounding shaders (which give you additional colors, or materials, for your 3D models). Use Daz 3D’s Brushes and Effects to add lightning, snow, alchemy and magic FX, fireflies, and glitter to your fantasy scene.


  2. Colors, Lights and ConceptsFantasy art is also amazing because it inherently needs astounding colors, lights, and concepts. It’s no coincidence that in the darkest cave, the hero just happens to carry a vial of a bright liquid, or that bioluminescent mushrooms light up the forest at night in a Fantasy scene — drama built into Fantasy brings with it an astounding array of colors, lights, and intriguing concepts.
    even in paints from 1872, like Thor’s Fight with the Giants
    and John Bauer’s illustrations from children’s stories

    By finding the right character and lighting, your Fantasy scene will be just as epic as classic paintings, hard rock/heavy metal albums, and collectible game cards. Pick up some fantastical beasts like carnivorous plants, brutish trolls, zombie dogs and ugly humanoids of ill repute, and nail the halo-style glow in your unicorn scene with mythical and magical lights.


  3. No Limitations (like Gravity)Fantasy art is amazing because there are no limitations to what you can create, or your characters can do. Magic, hoards of treasure, the power of flight and the ability to do things that aren’t feasible in real life keep fantasy fresh, engaging, and awe-inspiring.

    Not only does Daz 3D have tons of Fantasy 3D Models and assets, but if you get stuck with creating your fantasy art, Daz 3D also a huge fanbase who’s ready to help you find characters and even help you pose and light your original Fantasy scene!


Fantasy art is powerful, and super fun to create! Don’t believe us? Try your hand at a 3D Fantasy scene with Daz Studio, premier and free 3D art software. Soon others can see new fantasy worlds that you created — start exploring!

and don’t forget your lantern
  • Taiwo Remi Kayode says:

    I’ve drawn pictures, sketched mostly with pencil for years. Certainly not the best, but as an artist, I found 3D artbsheer fascinating. This is why I am digging deeper through daz3d ad’s and presentations. There is a much beauty inside being creative.

  • Fantasy opens the mind and so does DAZ, I was made aware of the program in 2013 and 7 years later I’m more or less fluent in it. What’s more I’m fluent in Blender and Substance Painter/Designer as well. And since DAZ and Blender play nicely together….the possibilities are limitless. Currently I’m deeply into the Realm of The Elderlings series by Robin Hobb so dragons are being created all over the place….even in Lifeship form….

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