12 Beyond-Chic Daz 3D Fashion Styles for Your Characters

Daz 3D fashion ideas

Have you ever tried to describe your own fashion style in one word? Sometimes it feels like every community has its unique collection of adjectives — whether you’re describing fine wines, indie video games, or NFTs. When it comes to fashion, there are a plethora of words fashionistas love to use to describe their personal style.

We’ve picked 12 adjectives to bring your fashion vocabulary well beyond the classic word chic. Not only that, we’ll demonstrate each fashion statement with a few clothing pieces and accessories available for your very own Daz 3D fashion icons and characters.


Playful looks are often relaxed, but energetic, sometimes even a little eclectic, while not being overbearing. Clothes like this remind us of friendly, happy, and energetic people who love life and aren’t afraid to show it. Splashes of color are a must!

If you love the playful style, then the dForce Midsummer Outfit for Genesis 8 Females has everything you need to pull off the look. There are several fun patterns to choose from for this cute, energetic summer dress.

Daz 3D Playful Outfit


Urban, or also street style, is all about being a perfect mix of casual and hip. Urban style is tied to a lot of subcultures, from music genres like rap and hip-hop, to street sports like skateboarding. The hallmark fashion piece of urban style today is definitely torn, ripped, or faded jeans.

This product may be named the dForce Nineties Nostalgia Wardrobe for Genesis 8 Females, but this is a great collection that could give you a lot of value as far as creating styles goes. High-waisted jeans are in-style and this set has a great pair. The denim jacket is also a must for a lot of Urban styles. Paired with a sweater like the dForce Crop Sweater and your favorite accent necklace, this style would come together nicely. For a more hip-hop urban look, you will love the sweatshirt from the dForce X-Fashion Urban Outfit as well.

Daz 3D Urban Street Wear Outfit


The Laid-back look encapsulates lots of other styles, but it’s all about comfort and simplicity. For someone who loves laid-back clothing, the simple t-shirt is a staple and go-to piece of their wardrobe.

Your characters can pull off this style with products like the X-Fashion Lazy Outfit.


Don’t confuse minimalistic with laid-back. Minimalist fashion isn’t afraid to dress up. That said, it leaves behind the sparkles and glitter. Bold accent pieces are a no if you are going for a minimalistic look, though that doesn’t mean you can’t rock a designer dress or fashion-forward jacket. Just keep it simple, and don’t let one aspect of the look scream for all the attention.

Check out the dForce Autumn Days for Genesis 8 Females for a great minimalist approach to Fall wear. You might consider changing the color of the leggings to a muted tone, though the small splash of color works nicely and isn’t too overbearing. If you love that outfit, you can also find even more options with the dForce Autumn Days Textures.

Daz 3D Autumn Outfit


Relaxed clothing is a lot like being laid-back, but despite the overlap, there is an arguable difference. Relaxed clothing is all about comfort. We’re talking to you wearers of sportswear. Often skin-tight, breathable fabrics like joggers and sports bras, paired with everyday accent pieces like a sweatshirt, are classic staples of this look.

For a cute and confident look, consider a relaxed and loose-fit sweater like the HS dForce Lurys Sweater over a cute sports bra, with some sporty leggings to bring it all together.

Daz 3D casual relaxed sweater


Grungy styles can come in all shapes and styles, from goth to punk or even vintage looks. Wearing grunge clothes is about letting your looks appear loud and proud. Studded denim, drooping chains, baggy clothes, and even edgy looks are all hallmarks of this style.

Check out products like Goth Chick and the Bunny Dazed Outfit for a variety of clothing pieces you’ll need to complete this look.


If you want to go retro with your fashion style, think vintage, with pieces you would see in movies from the 60s. Pair a vintage top with some good jeans and some old-school shoes and you will be well on your way to appearing retro.

For a retro look, you can use a lot of pieces from the dForce Nineties Nostalgia Wardrobe we referenced earlier. You can also get even more retro with looks from the 60s and 70s using products like the dForce CB Aycroft Clothing Set.

Daz 3D 90s Retro Outfit


Elegant dressers aren’t afraid to look chic, polished, and affluent. Elegant clothing doesn’t have to be over the top. Instead, use simple pieces made from fine materials. From cocktail dresses to girl boss suits tailored flatteringly, this style is fancy, luxurious, high-end, and business-ready.

For a more edgy, yet elegant look, you will love the X-Fashion Sophisticated Jacket Outfit. If you are looking for an elegant dress, check out the Coco Outfit.


If you want to go for an effortless look, stick to trusted fashionable colors like black, navy blue, and white. Don’t be afraid to enhance your look with high-quality accessories like earrings, or other jewelry. Start with something basic as the foundation of your look, then use layers to create a nice harmony in your look. Stick to natural-looking fabrics, and avoid eclectic pieces that might take the look over the top.

Give your favorite Daz characters an effortless look with the dForce End of Fall Outfit. This casual everyday outfit has everything you need to pull off this style, including matching heels. The dForce Crop Sweater and Jeans Outfit Textures is another great all-in-one product that would give you an attractive, effortless look. 

Daz 3D crop sweater outfit


You don’t need a designer purse to look sophisticated, but it definitely helps. This style is going to use high-end fabrics like silks, and bold accent pieces that are both minimalist and usually a tad expensive looking. Check out outfits like the dForce Sweater Outfit for Genesis 8 Females for a single product that will complete the entire look. The gold belt and wide black slacks bring this outfit together nicely.

This outfit has an additional texture pack as well, for even more choices, value, and sophisticated fun.


You don’t need designer clothes to look classy. This look is reserved, tasteful, yet confident. This is the perfect look for people who are comfortable with their beauty and don’t like to lean into fashion too hard. Earth tones, layers, or not showing too much skin are great ways to remain moderately classy while not looking too stuffy or boring.

For a classy, fashion-forward look, you will love the dForce Classy Pinafore Outfit.


In the truest sense, this style is about confidence in yourself and your look. This style tends to be simple: a short-cut dress or a low-cut blouse, a necklace, and matching heels. It isn’t going to pile on layers, but allow your natural beauty to shine and complete the look. This look can be elegant (think high-end dinner party) or it can even be fun and playful (think a night out dancing with friends).

Don’t be fooled, though, this look can be pulled off in many different ways, such as the d-Force X-Fashion Winter Style Outfit, a pantsuit that features a powerful top with a plunging neckline, ending with an open midriff section. 

Daz 3D sexy winter style outfit

Create the Next Daz 3D Fashion Icon

Now that you can better describe some popular styles in fashion, why not put that knowledge to the test and start creating your own fashion icons in Daz Studio?

You might even consider taking your 3D adventure to a new level with Fashion Studio for Daz Studio. This awesome pack gives you everything you need to experience what it’s like to be a professional photographer. Fashion Studio was designed to look like a real high-end photography studio and recreates everything for you within Daz Studio. From lighting setups to a camera you can actually look through to frame your subject, this is a fun way to experience rendering through the lens of simulated photography.

We hope you enjoyed learning more about fashion and seeing some fan-favorite fashion pieces available for your Daz characters

Featured image “Rebel” by mbit in the Daz Gallery.

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