10 Goofy Ways to Use Face Transfer

Face Transfer with Daz 3D

Face Transfer is a free product in Daz Studio that converts your face shape, bone structure, texture, and tone to an authentic 3D version of yourself in Daz Studio using a single photograph.  As soon as you’ve applied Face Transfer to a 3D model, you can start rendering yourself doing things that would be impossible for most.

With Face Transfer, you (or, rather, the 3D you…) can walk on the moon without the bulky outfit and mask, fight an underwater leviathan sans breathing equipment, or go for a quick fly while looking down on your earth-bound compatriots, as though they are ants, and you are their god.

With Daz Studio, you get 3 free renders of Face Transfer, after which a small blue watermark will appear on your character’s heads, like this:

(honestly, there are worse face tattoos)

If you’ve already used your three Face Transfer renders and still need to make a 3D version of your favorite (or least favorite) aunt, pick up Face Transfer Unlimited for — you guessed it — an unlimited number of Face Transfers, and find a sneaky way to get a headshot of Aunt So-and-so.

Weird Applications for Face Transfer

Obviously, you can use Face Transfer to create a 3D version of yourself that is ready to render and will fit in perfectly for any profile that needs or uses an avatar.  But creativity with how you approach Face Transfer makes for more exciting possibilities. You can:

  1. Trick friends into thinking you know Kung Fu with some help from poses.
  2. Finally afford that Astronaut Outfit/Sci-Fi Suit you’ve been wanting to buy.
  3. Get over your fear of horses, and then go for a ride on a unicorn.
  4. Add a 3D version of you to your dating profile picture to stun and attract all potential partners.
    (Example: Wow, your authentic 3D self is so cool.  Did you make that with Daz Studio’s Face Transfer?  You bet I did, baby.  Cool, let’s get married!)
  5. Make a scene where your 3D self is getting a good night’s sleep, because some version of you deserves it…
  6. Render a scene where a hunky young man in a quirky San Francisco family (whose house is full) is making coffee and serving you in a hip west-coast cafe.
  7. Try out a kooky hair style without actually wrecking your cranium for the foreseeable future.
  8. Try to use Face Transfer on your cat or dog.
    (note: not actually.  Unless your cat or dog really looks like a human being, it won’t work.  We tried…)
  9. Send your family a cheery Holiday card where you’re standing on the corpses of your vanquished enemies, less the cost of professional photo studio or realistic conquerer’s outfit.
  10. Turn that painful picture of your ex into a scene where they’re getting arrested for ruining your day (or week, month, year, life).

Have Fun Creating!

With Face Transfer, the only thing that’s stopping you from exploring new worlds, evading capture by a clandestine organization and riding mythical beasts is your imagination.  Once you’ve made the perfect scene, make sure to submit your image to the Daz Gallery.  Have fun creating your 3D self with Face Transfer!

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  • Please please please do something to use amd cards aswell. I really want to get into daz but im not willing to buy an nvidia card.

    • Because it’s a very complicated series of calculations, AMD cards aren’t currently able to accelerate the rendering timeline.

      You can definitely still render using Iray on CPU, which is a very affordable option, but the render process will take a bit longer than without an Nvidia card.
      Hope this helps!

    • Due to the amount of processing power, most Studio users prefer PCs and certain specific features of Studio (face transfer among them) are only PC comptible.

      It’s something we’re thinking about for the future, to be sure.

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