10 Fan-Favorite Genesis 8 Characters for Daz Studio

Daz Studio is the perfect free tool for creating realistic 3D renders and scenes. Since we first released Daz Studio, countless professionals and hobbyists alike have found a place in the Daz community, creating and sharing amazing art. Together, they generate over 20 million 3D renders every year!

This week, we took to the Daz forums to research 10 fan-favorite Genesis 8 characters. While this list is in no way a definitive designation, and they won’t be given in any specific order, these are fan-favorite characters that are sure to improve the realism of your own renders. We will showcase five Genesis 8 or 8.1 Females and Males. All of these models were made by different artists, featuring different design styles and character ethnicities. We truly believe that the diverse cast of models available in our store wouldn’t be possible without such a talented and diverse community.

While there are far more amazing characters available than we could list here, this is only scratching the surface of the 3D characters you will find in our massive catalog! We hope this list will inspire you to load up Daz and create something amazing!

Fan-Favorite Genesis 8 Females

a render of Victoria 8.1 with long hair, bold makeup, and tattoos

Victoria 8.1

Of course, we had to include Victoria on this list. She has been a part of the Daz journey from the beginning, and has been through many upgrades and changes. Despite that, she has always remained a fan favorite. The Genesis 8.1 version of Victoria brings new possibilities in the realism you can achieve with improved realistic 3D facial expressions now possible. Victoria doesn’t let anything stop her and neither should you!

This version of Victoria 8.1 uses hearing aids, so check out our interview with the Daz artists who are including disabilities in the 3D world.

a render of Aiko 8 with platinum hair and futuristic clothing

Aiko 8

Aiko is another classic character that has seen several upgrades over the years. We have noticed a lot of talk in the forums about Aiko 3 alongside the upgraded Genesis 8 version. Aiko 8 is a fun character to work with. While she still displays a level of realism, she has a cartoonish charm that can really warm up your render. If you are looking for an anime-inspired character with a touch of realism, Aiko is your girl!

Shangrila for Genesis 3 and 8 posing on a chair

Shangrila for Genesis 3 and 8

Shangrila is a staff pick as well, and we think it is easy to see why. She is compatible with Genesis 3 and 8, making her as versatile as she is beautiful. Created by Daz artist Mousso, a very prolific character artist in the community, she shines among the rest for her elegance, poise, and beauty. Whether you are rendering a hip-hop star or an everyday girl, Shangrila is sure to impress.

Fan Ling, a Daz fan-favorite character, with long hair and an serious face

Fan Ling HD

Few characters are as versatile as Fan Ling. She is a high-definition character model that truly showcases the realism you can achieve in Daz Studio. Whether you need a character that commands attention in an epic fantasy scene, or looks like she belongs in any real-world setting, you can’t go wrong with Fang Ling. With many details, some subtle like her FiberMesh eyebrows, and others far bolder, like the optional body tattoos included, it’s easy to see why Fan Ling is a favorite of so many artists!

Keyana for Genesis 8 posing in front of a dark background

Keyana for Genesis 8 Female

Another staff pick and fan favorite is Keyana, a Daz Original and creation of Handspan Studios. You will immediately fall for her custom-designed smile, original sculpted body, and head shape. Featuring highly realistic details and HD textures and eyes that absolutely captivate, Keyana is a great choice for your next batch of renders!

Fan-Favorite Genesis 8 Males

Michael 8.1 in a button-up shirt in front of a blue background

Michael 8.1

Like Victoria, it just wouldn’t be right to leave out Michael. Just because he is a classic choice for a Genesis Male, doesn’t make using him a cliche. Michael has been through a lot of changes and upgrades over the years, but he has always remained a fan favorite. Michael is a versatile character that can be customized to your heart’s content! Like Victoria 8.1, you will find new and improved textures and facial expressions that can really add life to your render. If you haven’t made a render with Michael before, or are looking for a great place to start as a beginner, look no further. Michael’s zeal for life is contagious!

holt 8 in a western outfit complete with a cowboy hat and belt buckle

Holt 8

No threat is enough to intimidate Holt, the Wild West’s ultimate lawman. Whether he is tackling outlaws or slaying vampires, Holt 8 is an awesome character to work with. His character conveys wisdom, heart, and a stubbornness that is hard to beat. It’s easy to see why so many people like using Holt in their renders. If you need a male character who isn’t tackling his first rodeo, look no further than Holt 8.

Kwan 8 in a futuristic outfitKwan 8

There is something captivating about Kwan 8. Few characters can smile and smolder so well. Kwan was designed to represent a lifelong devotee of martial arts, strength, and showmanship. Another Staff Pick, Daz Original, and clear fan favorite — we aren’t at all surprised why! Whether you need Kwan ready to fight in a back alley or at the head of a sci-fi military operation, he is perfect for the task.

Underbelly 8 in a formal outfit with the sleeves rolled up to reveal tattoos

Underbelly 8

Some Genesis 8 characters don’t need a charming smile to make the cut on our list and catch the attention of many. Underbelly 8 is a strong, unique character. Standing at 6’ 2” and bolstering a massive 44.2” chest circumference, Underbelly 8 is the perfect hired muscle or leader of the whole gang. Users appreciate the high level of detail and realism, including body hair and HD skin textures.

Zale 8.1 in his merman form posing in front of a blue background

Zale 8.1

Zale is one of the newer faces in the Daz catalog and is a welcome addition. In the little time he has been available, he has already amazed many users with his striking presence. This is another character that boasts incredible flexibility. Whether you prefer the merman version or would like for him to keep his land legs, the result is the same: one awesome, high-definition character, boasting all the best characteristics of the Genesis 8.1 line.

Wrapping Things Up

We hope you enjoyed this peek at what Daz Studio can offer. As great as these characters are, there are hundreds more waiting to be discovered. It would be impossible to truly limit them all down to just a few. Ultimately, we hope this list sparks some creative juices inside you and encourages you to get rendering!

We would love to hear what you think about these picks, either here in the comments or in the Daz forums. Were there any characters you absolutely love that we didn’t feature here this time? Did you find a new character you had never seen before?

In the end, we can’t wait to see what you create.

  • For the Genesis 8 Males, I’m surprised that Torment 8.1 didn’t make your list. I frequent the forums regularly and many people seem to love Torment 8.1’s human form a lot. Particularly because Torment often described as having an idealized artistic/sculptural beauty. Many characters “for Torment 8.1” have been released long after Torment 8.1, even more so than Michael 8.1.

    • Torment 8.1 is definitely popular. There are many more characters that get a lot of love in the forums, and if we covered all of them, it would be a long list!

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